About ReflexTherapy

back pain relief using reflex therapy physical therapyReflex Therapy uses the Theraflex System to restore mobility to the spine and relieve back pain associated with most of the mechanical injuries that cause them.

It uses a pneumatically driven handset (shown at left) that uses various speeds and pressures to first relax the back, then gently counter-rotate the vertebrae and finally to strike the muscles so as to elicit a reflex response that eases the joints back into their natural, pre-injury position.

Reflex Therapy does not involve forceful manipulation, nor does it involve any  electrical stimulation or bracing.  No medications are required and it is completely non-invasive.  Sessions usually take about 20 minutes, longer for persons with scoliosis.

It is applied uniformly over the spine and sacro-iliac joints and relieves the mechanical problems that impede mobility, correction and healing. For most, back pain relief results begin immediately.

Reflex Therapy, properly applied, does not create problems where they do not exist.

Here is a testimony of the success of Reflex Therapy for back pain therapy.

“Here is my testimony. Reflex Therapy has certainly worked for me.  Let me tell you my story.  I had endured a auto accident which left me in permanent pain due to whip lash.  I had allowed a chiropractor to give me adjustments for 17 years.   The treatments gave me temporary relief and then I had to revisit and revisit for more adjustments.

One day a lady gave me a phone number of a person who she thought could help my pain permanently.  I took the number and tossed it in a trash can, thinking that if that were true, why wouldn’t the world know about such a thing!  Later, I rethought the situation and retrieved the phone number saying to myself that at some point in time I would possibly give it a try.  I threw the number in a drawer and forgot about it.  Several weeks passed and my aches and pain were flaring up again and I remembered the number in my drawer.  I made the call.  I was skeptical but thought it worth the try.  I was told with my particular condition it might take up to 5 visits to be completely pain free.  I went for it.

As a result, after 5 treatments, I was PAIN FREE!  I have to admit, after the 1st and 2nd treatment I was very sore and considered not returning.  But I did.  And am I ever glad I did!

I was astonished that I no longer had the chronic pain that I had lived with for over 18 years!  Now I only go maybe once a year or so, simply for maintenance and to keep things in the proper position.

All I can say is “Hooray” for this new technique of Reflex Therapy.   I am so glad I tried it because now I can live a pain free life again..  Thanks REFLEX THERAPY!”
Charlotte B.