arthritis relief therapy with TheraflexThese are the words of people with everything from auto accident injuries to arthritis and scoliosis who have been helped by the Theraflex system and Reflex Therapy.

  • “Arthritis left me unable to get up and out of bed for most of a year.  Then on a referral, I had a series of 4 sessions to work on my back.  I was able to get up out of bed easily for the first time in a year.  With no medication and only an occasional visit to keep things functional, this is just amazing.  If she ever moved her studio, I would move with her.  It has made that much of a difference. ”
    -Carol R.
    Fishers Indiana Resident
  • “It is amazing to think that such a simple device can make such a profound difference in someone’s day-to-day comfort.  But without question, I would recommend anyone in need of back relief or mobility improvements to pick up the phone today! ”
    -Jamie S.
    Fishers Indiana Resident
  • “I was having what I thought was bursitis or a rotater cuff injury in my shoulder.  It was so painful that I had about 60% range of motion.  I was given doctor referrals and even cortisone that still only gave me about 10% additional mobility for a short lived time.  After only two treatments, I noticed a difference.  Moreover, after four sessions I TRULY had FULL range of motion back!  It was simply a pinched nerve causing so much pain.  Susan was able to fix it using the Theraflex with no chiropractic, medicine or surgery.  It was truly like a miracle to me.
    -Scott R.
    Fishers Indiana Resident
  • “I’m 91 years old and when I was young, I worked on the family farm.  I was driving a hopper that hit a hole causing me to fly up out of the steel seat and come back down with a thud  with half my backside on the seat and the other half off.  It hurt then and it never stopped for 67 years.After open-heart surgery many years ago, my back hurt worse than my chest .  Whenever I sat in a chair, I always had to put my right leg over the arm of the chair to relieve the pain in my low back.Then I had Theraflex treatment and for the first time in all those years my back stopped hurting.It stopped with the first session and I had some more and it ironed out a few other little places , like my stiff neck.  I get a treatment whenever I need it but most of the time I don’t hurt except a few aches and pains I expect at my age.  I  never would have thought that after all that time, anything could help my back, but Theraflex did.
    Ralph T.
  • My name is Ed Blackburn.  I went to the VA Medical Center and was complaining of back issues.  They took a MRI of my back and showed me the results.  I had a straight lower third of my spine and my L2 was slid forward a lot.  They told me I needed surgery as soon as possible or I could risk being put in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.  I mulled over surgery for over a month and my oldest daughter works next door to your office.  She told me to check your office out, but even that took me awhile to decide what I wanted to do.  So I thought surgery or some back therapy.  I took my daughter’s advice and decided to make a visit to your office.  We talked while and you told me that some backs cannot be helped.  But you told me that I should try a session to see how I would feel.  After the first session, I no longer had pain running down my right leg.  After the second session, I could get up out of a chair without using my arm to help me get up.  After the third session, to my amazement I was able to mow my grass without laying in bed for 2 days after doing it with major back pain.  After the fourth session you told me that was all I needed from your office, and now I have little to no pain after doing anything I want to do.  You have made a Major change in my life after having big time back pain.,  I thank yo, more than I have words to say.  If any one who has back pain doesn’t come visit your office, they should.  It took the surgery thoughts out of me.
    Edgar J. Blackburn,
  • I am 61 and have had scoliosis since I was 14.  Over the past 4 years my lumbar curve had worsened to 45 degrees.  My doctor said I needed surgery which I did not want.After my first reflex therapy treatment from Susan Todd at Indy Back in Balance I knew this was going to help my back. I had 12 treatments in 12 weeks.  Now I am on maintenance, so I only go when I feel I need to. It still amazes me that after having scoliosis for so many years this therapy has actually made my spine straighter.  My back is healthier and stronger.  My posture is so much better and I can do so many things pain free.  It is unbelievable!Please don’t hesitate to give this a try.  It has been a God-send to me and I am grateful.  Thank you Susan.  You are a blessing to so many people in pain!
    -Julie Gross,