Is there any age restriction regarding the use of Reflex Therapy?

Age is not a factor with Reflex Therapy, other than that the handset is designed to span the adult spine and is too large for small children. Generally speaking, mechanical problems of the spine do not plague youngsters, though in special cases, it has been used in a modified manner to correct a problem gently […]

Are there restrictions on who may be treated with Reflex Therapy?

Yes there are a few contra-indications but if there is any doubt, one’s physician should be consulted. Since few American physicians are yet familiar with Reflex Therapy, one should ascertain whether or not one can tolerate something like a vigorous 20 minute massage, lying prone, in which some brief pressure is applied to the spine.

What if there was no major injury, just an incident here and there?

Reflex Therapy treats multiple mechanical problems, gently and uniformly. In fact, if one only feels minor restrictions, a few sessions can restore much of one’s youthful mobility. In our society we are led to believe that stiffness and back pain are inevitable. While there is a certain amount of attrition to the spine and indeed, […]

How long after an injury should one wait before having Theraflex Treatment?

One should undergo a thorough examination by a physician following any serious injury. Even though the pain will decrease somewhat after an incident, patients often find that problems linger. Provided the nature of the injury does not preclude treatment, it can be done after 2-6 weeks. Each case will be evaluated individually. Q: What if […]