How does Reflex Therapy differ from other forms of treatment for back pain?

It does not involve any forceful manipulation of the joints. It does not generally require dozens of treatments that are both costly and time-consuming in terms of travel costs and lost productivity. While Reflex Therapy is not yet covered by insurance, the cost is usually less than the combined co-pay of many other treatments.  With […]

Since Reflex Therapy has been used for more than 19 years in England, who uses it?

Though the treatment has been used in the United Kingdom for more than 19 years, it has only recently been given the name ‘Reflex Therapy’. It is also referred to as ‘Theraflex Treatment’. It is usually used by Physiotherapists (Physical Therapists) and Osteopaths, but also by Massage Therapists and some who only perform Reflex Therapy.

Is Reflex Therapy safe for those who have had spinal surgery?

Yes, depending on the nature of the surgery. Many patients have received relief from the pain and restricted motion that remained after their procedures. Naturally, a waiting period is necessary for healing to take place before treatment can begin. Again, each case is evaluated on an individual basis.

Is it possible for those who have had pain for many years to be pain free?

Yes, it is, in many cases. This does not mean that every pain in your body will be gone but those related to the restricted range of motion and the stressed painful muscles will decrease or go altogether, depending on the extent of the damage done from the original injury or the attrition on the […]

After the initial 5 sessions, is it necessary to have more?

Usually, those who have had Reflex Therapy will want to have periodic maintenance treatments. If their job is particularly strenuous and one in which back issues are a common occurrence, they may wish to have a few more treatments throughout the year to avoid recurring incidents. Patients with Scoliosis usually require ongoing sessions ranging from […]

How many sessions of Reflex Therapy are normally required to achieve results?

Best results are usually achieved in 5 sessions, more or less. When the client/patient begins Reflex Therapy (RT), the first appointment includes an evaluation. If it is determined that RT is indicated, the subject has the first session which takes about 20 minutes. The Theraflex System’s pneumatically-powered handset is applied to the spine and S-I […]

Is it possible to use Reflex Therapy on someone with Scoliosis?

Yes. Theraflex Reflex Therapy is successfully used on many subjects with scoliosis of varying degrees and ages. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis and treated as such. Significantly, it has even been shown to prevent the advancement of scoliosis in teens when used in a timely fashion throughout the growth cycle of the […]

Does Reflex Therapy involve forceful manipulation?

No, it does not. Because repeated forceful manipulation may weaken ligaments permanently, Reflex Therapy avoids that side effect by working on the joints of the spine gently and uniformly. It mobilizes rather than manipulates, allowing the natural reflex action of the muscles connected the spine to ease the joints back into their pre-injury position.