Is it possible to use Reflex Therapy on someone with Scoliosis?

Reflex Therapy on someone with Scoliosis using theraflexYes. Theraflex Reflex Therapy is successfully used on many subjects with scoliosis of varying degrees and ages. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis and treated as such. Significantly, it has even been shown to prevent the advancement of scoliosis in teens when used in a timely fashion throughout the growth cycle of the subject. Even people of advanced years may receive degrees of correction without harm. We suggest exercise after treatment to strengthen weak or atrophied muscles and help maintain the correction gained. The Schroth Method (, for instance, was developed to help correct even very pronounced cases of scoliosis and safely used in Germany for more than 50 years and in other parts of Europe, though largely unknown in the USA. These exercises and some variations may be used in conjunction with Reflex Therapy. Theraflex clients with scoliosis are always looking for ways to enhance treatment. We are finding that we can accomplish more correction, more quickly, safely and inexpensively than most forms of treatment. We are happy to speak with potential clients individually to discuss specific cases. For more, check out “Scoliosis Cures and Pain Relief” on Facebook.

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